Members Gallery

See our ever-growing showcase of TROPO members' farms and gardens. 

Hanging Rock Farm
Hanging Rock farm
Bouquet from Hanging Rock farm
Bumper celery harvest
Seedling house
The legendary work-horse
Olive Gap
Olive Gap Farm
Tea tree distillation
Certified Organic tea tree oil
Olive Gap Farm
Asparagus pushing through
Nina, doing the itchy job of getting the tea tree mulch out of the still after distillation.
Bouquet from Olive Gap
Summit Organics
Compost spreader
Rod Bruin
When the drought breaks
Strawberry rows in one of the shade houses
Seedling house
Tania and Rod Bruin
Organic Forrest
Dave Forrest and Sue Mangan
Compost spreader
Organic Forrest produce
Organic Forrest farm crew
Bunya Nut harvest
Belted Galloway calf at Organic Forrest
Singing Farmer
Some of the leafy greens grown at Singing Farmer Organics.
Abundance of greens
Vegetable harvest
Preparing to cut the covercrop
TROPO farm walk at Singing Farmer Organics
Vegetable rainbow harvest
Mark and Sara from Singing Farmer Organics
Dougal's Organics
Bringing in the harvest at Dougal's Organics
Spreading out mulch over the ginger
Cultivated rows at Dougal's Organics
A friendly green frog at Dougal's Organics
Greens harvested at Dougal's Organics
When the drought broke