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TROPO is a non-profit organisation that welcomes new members who would like to join us in our...

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Exchange of ideas and advice

There is a huge wealth of experience within the membership about organic growing. Whether you are an experienced grower or a beginning gardener or somewhere in between, come and share with - and learn from - others.

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Farm walks and workshops

Members are invited to inspirational farm walks to local organic farms in the region, educational workshops with experienced farmers, and social events.

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Members receive an informative 24-30 -page bi-annual magazine as well as a monthly newsletter.


Membership application

Annual TROPO membership fees are $30. As a financial member, most of the activities throughout the year are covered by this membership contribution.

If you would like to become a TROPO member please complete the following membership form and follow the instructions for payment.

The TROPO magazine, 'Going Organic' will be emailed to you as a link for downloading twice a year unless you request posting here:

TROPO maintains a list of members which is made available to other members for the purposes of networking. Would you like to be included on the list?

Thanks for your membership application!


TROPO also appreciates donations from those who wish to support our efforts to promote organic agriculture and gardening. 

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